Fake News


This article seems extremely fake to me because of the fact its simply saying that you can just buy a human being as if its some easy task. They really catch your eye because at the top of the website it says "BUY AN ANCESTOR ONLINE" with a red background which will always capture you eye, and on top of that it really makes you wonder what this website could possibly say.

Dog Island

This article caught my attention and I'm sure many other people attention because who doest love and tropical island full of dogs? I also thought it was funny how it said they're living a better life than us because dog lives are always much different than human lives no matter what. Another thing that caught my attention was how there is tens of thousands of other rabits as if the dogs are going to be best friends with them like its some cartoon.


This website truly made me laugh. The title itself caught my eye because who wouldn't want to be able to …

My First Spark Video

Point of View

These photos are all of baseball gloves and unique in their own way, I chose to use these photos because baseball is very important to be and I love my baseball gloves. In the first two pictures I took the photo from the ground and got some interesting angles on them to make it less boring and makes you really look at the glove, in the third photo I took the picture from above because my glove blends with the leafs and gives you a different perspective of it.

Leading Lines

These pictures have very good leading lines that draw you into the picture because in the first photo the lines of the sidewalk really draw you to the cruise ships, also the tele boarder along the fences brings you right to the ships. In the second photo it is definitely more of a stretch but I think it could qualify for leading lines, the roofs of the run down homes in the bottom of the picture lead you right in the poor fishing village.

Rule of Thirds

These photos show the rule of thirds very well because in both pictures the main part of the picture that I want your eye to get drawn to is in either the bottom left corner or the top left corner. In the first picture I want you to look at the mountain in the top left, in the second picture I want your eye to get drawn to the yacht in the bottom left. I think these photos came out well because not only does your eye get drawn to those pieces but it also has a beautiful background to both photos.